Team and Program Agile Coaching

My role as a team / program coach is to help teams achieve their professional objectives. I do this by partnering with the teams and leaders to define maturity goals and develop strategies for meeting those goals. Together we embark on a thought-provoking, creative journey toward realizing the team’s potential and continuously improve.

With an effective agile coach as a partner, individuals and teams can learn Agile practices and implement Agile  faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than on their own.

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As an Agile coach, you can count on me to help teams learn and implement Agile methodologies. Whether your team is new to Agile or looking to elevate their current Agile performance, my coaching will give you the edge you need to optimize your outcomes.

The benefits of working with an Agile coach:

  • Provides an outside, objective perspective of your team’s performance

  • Evaluates delivery to identify areas of inefficiency and waste to be remedied

  • Applies best practices for continuous improvement 

  • Adapts to your team’s needs to best support your goals

  • Develops long-term strategies for ongoing Agile success

  • Instills Agile processes within your team

  • Offers personalized assistance with adopting Agile

  • Identifies organizational impediments holding teams back from maximizing delivery

Getting Started

Contact me to learn more about how Agile coaching can help you and your team reach peak performance.