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What is Agile?

Agile is a way of accomplishing work collaboratively to achieve the best value delivery to end customers. It provides flexibility for organizations to learn what the market wants in a product and service and deliver it without being constrained by the original plans.

Agile incorporates rapid inspect and adapt cycles to optimize both the product/service and the delivery process. Agile’s focus on continuous improvement allows teams to develop a standard then regularly work toward bettering that standard.

Leveraging Agile and Lean practices leads to:

  • Higher-quality products with greater customer approval

  • Better ROI, improved organizational alignment, and employee engagement

  • Faster time to market with fewer defects

  • Reduced production costs

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What I Do

Agile transformations require commitment in order to be successful.  And having a guide during your agile journey enables faster adoption and more rapid maturity of the agile practices.

Turning Point Consulting provides the following range of services, ranging from organizational assessments, leadership education, Kanban and Scrum training, and more.

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After witnessing the power of Agile to transform outcomes firsthand, I set out on a journey to help others learn about and use Agile. I work with individuals, teams, and whole organizations to effect change through Agile methodologies.

Companies that work with me typically see a 40% increase in quality, a 30% increase in speed to market, and a 20% reduction in costs. People on the Agile teams have higher engagement, which leads to better retention. And, stakeholder Net Promoter Score is higher with Agile teams compared to traditional delivery teams.

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