What is Agile?

Agile is a way of accomplishing work collaboratively to achieve the best business results possible. It provides flexibility to pivot from original plans based on learning what the market wants in a product or service and to deliver the right high-quality solution

Traditional delivery methods that rely on rigid project planning, linear development, and wasteful handoffs lack the ability to effectively and efficiently adapt to unknown variables and new learning. Agile addresses unexpected obstacles and changes by building in the flexibility needed to respond and adjust accordingly.

Agile leans heavily on short inspect and adapt cycles to collect feedback and to continuously improve delivery. Quickly creating and evaluating output then adapting and iterating leads to more efficient product development. This process enables organizations to continuously evolve, improve, and compete successfully in today’s global market where disruption is frequent.


Although Agile originated in software development, it is easily applied to various areas of businesses including marketing, engineering, production, manufacturing, human resources, accounting, and operations. 

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Agile Principles

Agile-driven solutions may differ but all adhere to four main values, outlined in the Agile Manifesto:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation

  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  4. Responding to change over following a plan

These principles guide product development and delivery regardless of which type of Agile framework best fits your goals.

Agile Frameworks

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Different frameworks exist under the agile umbrella with Scrum, Kanban, and XP being the most popular. These frameworks can be customized to improve value delivery across your organization.

  • Scrum organizes projects around a prioritized list of what needs to be done (backlog). Using a sprint, or short period of 1-4 weeks, the project team works toward a main goal from the backlog, with daily inspect and adapt meetings led by the scrum master.

    Scrum helps teams break up complex steps into more manageable milestones and deliver incremental value quickly.

  • Kanban uses a board with columns and cards to help teams visualize their work. By separating tasks into workflow stages such as “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Under Review,” teams can identify bottlenecks and work to improve them.

    Kanban offers a flexible way to finish tasks without a pre-determined deadline.

  • Extreme Programming (XP) focuses on delivering milestones early and often to gain momentum, launch faster, and continuously improve output. Its core principles are communication, simplicity, feedback, respect, and courage.

    XP values frequent customer input and responsiveness so that successes can build upon and furthered.


Begin Your Agile Journey Today

Agile can be adapted to your company or individual needs. I work with clients of all sizes to evaluate current processes, identify inefficiencies, and build responsive Agile frameworks. 

I also help teams build synergy and empower people with the right tools to communicate effectively. When team members establish shared understanding, project outcomes improve and Agile cycles become more efficient.

Learn more about the options for how I can equip your organization to leverage Agile for better results:

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Enterprise Agile Transformations

Comprehensive, cross-organizational program to align around core objectives and achieve desired outcomes through optimizing delivery processes

Best for product development teams, C-Level/decision-maker groups, large to medium-size businesses

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Team/Program Agile Coaching

Personalized support for companies at the team/program level through training, mentoring, and coaching while implementing process enhancements

Best for teams/programs within large organizations, small businesses, start-ups, and highly specialized teams


Agile Training

Customizable, interactive, on-site training, seminars and workshops that provide a foundational understanding of Agile and specific practices related to the frameworks 

Best for teams, individuals, consultants, and entrepreneurs

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